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Bc Rental Agreement Cleaning

(f) the tenant or a person approved by the tenant on the dwelling has caused exceptional damage to a rental unit or dwelling; (3) If the lessor and the lessee have not entered into a new lease by the end date of a fixed-term lease, which does not require the lessee to evacuate the rental unit by that date, the lessor and the lessee shall be deemed to be renewed as a monthly lease on equal terms. 34 (1) If the lessor does not consent in writing, a tenant may not assign a lease or sublet a rental unit. (i) communications, decisions, injunctions or agreements referred to in Part 5.1 or summaries; (c) a provision for which a lessor or lessee has received an order from the manager that the agreement of the other is not required. (a) a weekly, monthly or other periodic lease under a lease that lasts until its termination under this Act and (4) In lieu of the enforcement of a sentence referred to in subsection 1, the manager may enter into an agreement, subject to the rules, with the person who would otherwise be responsible for the sentence. (b) a lease that comes into force on that date of availability. .

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