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Coma Agreement Electricity

ENWCML provides design, installation and maintenance services for high-voltage infrastructure, including COMA agreements, low-voltage construction and maintenance contracts, and several options behind the meters. Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) Limited is the commercial leader of COMA (Control, Operation and Maintenance Agreements) in the Northwest. We have 30 years of experience in helping customers with the maintenance and efficient operation of their private grid, which is behind their electricity meter. As part of the COMA agreement, we do the following: and we offer three service level agreements for HV maintenance: – We carry out regular inspections, including: we can advise you on the nature and frequency of maintenance that your site requires and we ensure that all work is carried out at a time corresponding to all your activities. All necessary documents are updated and maintained. The award of a 5-year COMA contract ensures that the Council is in full compliance with the law, in accordance with the maintenance procedure for electrical appliances >1kV, in accordance with BS6266, and ensures proper control and maintenance of the transformer and switching system in the buildings concerned. We set up renovation work (repairs) identified during planned inspection work, as well as exchange and reinstallation work. Through the use of our direct collaborators, composed of experienced and competent senior engineers, 11kV to 66kV, in a diverse and highly qualified staff, Freedom has the skills to ensure that each contract is successfully managed, maintained and delivered according to the customer`s standards. The law requires that high-voltage networks, which must be maintained and maintained, be insured at a satisfactory level.

Owners must ensure that the state of their network allows for safe operation in normal operation and to be “safe from failure” under error conditions. – We act in the role of a senior authorized if your location/facility does not have an HV engineer or authorized person We can help you reduce your energy consumption and carbon production. ¬∑ The award of a 5-year contract to Bidder B – Specialist Power Engineering Contracts Once a substation is installed, private high-voltage equipment and networks must be regularly maintained in accordance with the obligations and obligations of the Electricity at Work Regulations. – We will perform switching operations and completion of Circuit State certification We have extensive technical know-how in a wide range of device types from the manufacturer.

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