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Elsevier Norway Agreement

March 2019: UNIT has not reached an agreement with Elsevier for 2019. Norway was the first country to sign an agreement with Elsevier, which ensures that Norwegian researchers can publish Open Access in most Elsevier journals at no additional cost. Although no agreement was reached this year on reading new papers, Norwegian researchers can continue to publish in Elsevier journals, as is currently the case. According to the archival law of each institution, researchers still have access to the reading of articles published in many magazines until 2018 inclusive. This Agreement is valid until the end of December 2020. The publication of open access under this Agreement shall be in line with the Norwegian Government`s national objectives and guidelines for open access to research articles. Elsevier, one of the leading academic publishers, has signed a new open access contract with the Norwegian consortium of universities and research institutes. The €9 million (about $10 million) pilot deal will allow Norwegian researchers to publish in an open access format in most Of elsevier journals. The deal comes a month after the Norwegian consortium announced it will not renew its deal with Elsevier. According to Margareth Hagen, negotiator for the Norwegian consortium and director of research at the University of Bergen, the most recent agreement is “cost-neutral” compared to the previous agreement, which did not include an open access fee. The consortium paid €9 million ($10 million) in subscription fees to Elsevier in 2018, plus €1 million in open access publishing fees. .

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