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Home Purchase Agreement Template Florida

This form is a reference contract in which the seller gives the listing broker the exclusive right to sell the property and finds that the broker does not have a brokerage relationship with the seller. If a lawyer or title company holds a down payment under a contract of sale, this form may be used by the broker who prepared or submitted the offer to comply with FREC Rule 61J2-14.008 (2) (b), F.A.C. This form can be used to extend an existing exclusive property management agreement and offers optional deadlines for the renewal of that agreement. Serious money deposit: A serious deposit is a deposit that shows the good faith and obligation of the buyer to continue the purchase of the property. In return for the buyer`s serious money deposit, the seller withdraws the property from the market. At the end of the purchase, the deposit of serious money is charged to the purchase price. When the contract is terminated in accordance with the terms of the contract, the serious deposit is usually returned to the buyer. Real estate purchase contracts usually include promises and provisions guaranteeing the condition of a property. In some states, sellers must provide additional documents that guarantee the condition of the property. While other states require the seller to reveal a certain type of problem on the ground – for example. B a clerical error.

In Florida, in addition to the sales contract, you must complete the following documents: This form is a reference contract for commercial real estate in which the seller gives the listing broker the exclusive right to sell the property. After seeing House Hunters on HGTV for years, it`s finally your turn to find the perfect home. .

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