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Lease Agreement Emergency Contact

When you complete a rental application, you are almost always asked to list an emergency contact. In some apps, you may be asked to write up to three names and phone numbers. Who are you putting on? His parents? Another family member? A friend? An employee? If you have any questions about our blog, please contact our editor at However, if you send a message home from the tenant parents, Mom and Pop, hopefully, will be in continuous contact with their son and will be able to help you solve the problem or reach the tenant. By asking for both contacts, even if they are not necessary, you have given yourself two additional ways to contact someone who can help you correct a standard. Emergency contact is not entitled to late notifications and does not become an authorized detainee. He cannot access the device or order a lock cut. However, in the event of a default, you can send messages to the emergency contact, even if you are not obliged to do so by your status or by the tenant himself. You may not send certified mail notifications to a real customer; but from a belt and the safety mentality of the straps, they want as many contact names and different numbers as you can.

Please contact our office on (02) 9451 2611 or refer to your rental agreement if any of the above cases occur. Let me give you a brief example. A tenant lists his wife as an emergency contact, but cites his parents as alternative interlocutors for communications. Suppose the tenant separates and falls into the unit. They send an additional copy of the default notice to the now disentable ex-spouse, who quickly throws them away instead of telling their ex that his affairs could be in jeopardy. It looks pretty good and come, but it doesn`t really help you. One of the reasons an owner requests at least one emergency contact has nothing to do with someone being called if you are injured. When a tenant skips a lease, a landlord often uses his emergency contacts to track down that tenant.

For this reason, it is important to make sure that the phone numbers of your emergency contacts are correct. Some owners will call them a test, almost like a second reference check. However, this should not be a problem for a good tenant, and the ability of your landlord to get in touch with your family or friends in case of a problem is very important. Property manager in CA. We`re not in communication with your landlord? The only time I try to call emergency contacts is when I`m on my last leg to catch a person… In general, just before the evacuation begins. Emergency contact may be different. It could easily be argued that a sale of failure indicator pledges is not an emergency such as a fire or a deluge.

While you need to collect emergency contact information in addition to another contact, you need to define in your rental agreement what you are doing with this information. Landlords will regularly request an emergency call for a tenant at the beginning of a new lease. In fact, it is a good idea to regularly confirm that emergency contact information is up to date, even with a tenant renewing a lease. In the unlikely event of a tenant`s death, emergency contact information is invaluable for managing the termination contract.

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