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Rebate Agreement Settlement

2. Enable Discount Settlement for Distributors (TCode: OVB1) Below, the main benefits of using the discount agreement solution within SAP ECC are listed below. Due to the benefits mentioned below, almost all customers who have implemented SAP make extensive use of this feature. When establishing the discount contract for the customer, we specified the nature of the discount contract. To do this, we need to define the type of agreement with the necessary functionality. Go ahead; Assign categories of conditions to the types of discount agreements (Tcode VB (5) To be simpler, I do not know how to make a seller= an employee in a sales order the beneficiary of discounts=2E If you create = the discount credit, is the beneficiary of the discount sold to the party in the order taken in discount credit as a standard discount = 2E Is it possible to have a salesperson as a beneficiary of discount? I am not sure. Ask to shed some light on the subject. With the above configuration, each time an invoice is issued, it takes into account the provisions necessary to pay the discount. This remains a responsibility in the company`s book until it is not paid.

This is actually the reduction exercise bill. Group discount: it allows you to create packaging rates for a customer/material combination or a customer/discount group. The types of discount agreements are listed below in SAP SD: the scenario is the payment of a commission to the distributor in the form of a discount after receipt of payment by the customer 1.The paying partner must have the customer discount area checked in the distribution area billing document tab. BO01 – Customer/Material or Customer/Discount Group = % Discount BO02 – Customer/Material = depending on quantities BO03 – Customer = % Discount BO04 – Customer hierarchy = % discount BO05 – Customer hierarchie/Material = % Discount BO06 – turnover vol. Independently (2) Only one discount must be paid to a single participant. To have 2 commissions/discounts on a billing document, it is very likely that you need to create several partners (for example.B. salespeople, sales managers) and configure one type of discount agreement per partner, this partner being the key to the discount agreement condition tables. Usually, you do this to support the possibility for the same salespeople to work in different partner functions/roles, for which they earn different percentages of commissions.

6.Allow billing – Credit application is placed – the distribution organization is relevant for the processing of discounts – The payer (customer base rate) is relevant for the settlement of discounts – The type of settlement (invoice, credit) is relevant for the settlement of discounts In the procedure of setting prices just above the net value of the item, we give a subtotal “discount basis” indicating the value “7” for the field “subtotal” as the discount base in the table `KOMP` and the field ` ” 1. Select Faktura receipts for discount processing (TCode: OVB0), note that the billing method `B3` is the same as `G2`. In addition, for the “Reduction count” field, we specified the value “C” (partial count for a reduction agreement). Level of verification: indicates whether the system indicates all the supporting documents of the discount contract on the basis of which the rebate is calculated or whether it indicates the sums according to the payer, etc. When the final settlement of a discount contract is made, the SAP system automatically calculates the discount on the basis of sales volume statistics and flat-rate discounts (if applicable). .

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