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Used Car Purchase Deposit Agreement

“I put a deposit down and then discovered the Equifax report information and the guy refused the information – who said the car was economic depreciation two months earlier! – and [he] refused to pay the deposit. I lost a million dollars. Hi, Vanessa. If the contract was for a particular vehicle (the VIN is indicated in the agreement), the contract becomes void if the dealer cannot deliver the vehicle. If the contract was not for a particular car, but for a particular specification, then that`s another story. It depends on whether a delivery date has been indicated – if they have not achieved this goal, the contract becomes obsolete. Trying to recover your deposit involves the merchant`s agreement to negotiate to refund your money, and is usually quite until they decide to do so or not. Good morning, Elizabeth. All you have to do is complain every day to pay off your deposit. Unfortunately, the default position for many dealers seems to be to ignore you as long as possible, in the hope that you will give up and leave. I sent an email to the seller I had worked with, explained the situation described above and offered to put the car back on sale immediately, while we agree on the best way to close our deal. When I spoke to the seller on Monday afternoon, I was faced with a rather frigid response that basically said that they were legally allowed to keep my deposit and that I should consider this carefully if I decided to withdraw from the purchase now.

Good morning, Kate. You are entitled to your refund. The car is not as described, so you can withdraw from your purchase and get your money back. The dealer may still try to get you to buy the car or transfer your deposit to another car they have for sale, but you don`t need to accept an alternative option. At that time, I wrote everything on paper, as I did during the sale. The manager read what I had written, as it had been during the sale. He pointed out that I had poorly prepared VAT. I had mis-developed the VAT reduction, because I am used to starting with a net price and not having to deduct VAT from products. I apologized for my error in calculating VAT. It just happened that the price of the lifting machine came at the same amount as my mistake of about $500 with VAT, $140 tax and $300 service.

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