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What Is Verizon Customer Agreement

If you are a prepaid customer, you can replenish your balance at any time before the expiry date by providing us with another payment. If you manage a prepaid account, it must not exceed $1,000 and you may be prevented from replenishing when your balance reaches $1,000. We can apply your payments to any amount you owe us if your previous account filling payments have been cancelled. If you do not have enough credits in your account to cover your service and sufficient funds are not added within 60 days, your account will be terminated and unused balances will expire. If you are a prepaid customer and we send you messages, they will be immediately considered received if we send them to your wireless device or an email you have given us, or if we publish them as a precall notification about your service, or after three days if we send them to the most up-to-date address we have for you. If you need to send us messages, please send them to the prepaid customer service address your wireless device must comply with Federal Communications Commission rules, certified for its use on our network and compatible with your service. Please note that we may remotely modify the software, applications or programming of your wireless device without notice. This can affect your stored data or the way you programmed or used your wireless device. By activating the service using a SIM card (Subscrivation Identification Module), you agree that we own the intellectual property and software on the SIM card, that we can modify the software or other data on the SIM card remotely and without notice, and that we can use any SIM card capability for administrative, network, commercial or commercial purposes. In order to mitigate theft and other fraudulent activities, new acquired devices can be blocked for 60 days to operate exclusively on the Verizon network. For more information, see

Acceptance of this agreement means that you also accept our privacy policy, which is available under and describes the information we collect, use and share. The directive also informs you of your ability to limit how we have information about you. We will let you know or, if necessary, ask for your permission if we consider using your data for other purposes. It is your responsibility to inform people connecting devices via your mobile hotspot, jetpack or Wi-Fi router that we collect, use and share information about their device and use the service, as described in our privacy policy. If you delete a call in your coverage area, select it as you choose. If you respond within 5 minutes, call us within 90 days if you are a postpay customer, or within 45 days if you are a prepaid customer, and we will give you a 1 minute credit. If you are a Postpay customer and you lose service in your coverage area for more than 24 hours at a time and we are responsible, call us within 180 days and we will give you credit for the time lost. Please note that these are your only rights for deleted calls or interrupted services. Home Banking – If you use a third-party account provider (or distributor) to pay your wireless verizon bill on the account provider`s website, you don`t have to do anything more and you don`t receive a paper bill. If you want to get a paper invoice in the future, you will have to evade the home banking program on the website of your home banking provider, on which you registered with Home Banking.

Follow the manufacturer`s instructions. You don`t have to do anything else with your Verizon wireless account to get a paper bill, unless you`ve previously accepted paperless billing. To revoke such prior consent, go to Verizon Wireless` My Verizon, go to the profile tab, and then to billing options. Are you ready to enter into a payment agreement? It`s easy to pay on my Verizon`s website

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