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Wiley Author License Agreement

For subscription articles, you either transfer the copyright to Wiley with a copyright transfer agreement (CTA), or you grant Wiley an exclusive copyright license with an exclusive licensing agreement (ELA). You will receive the corresponding licensing agreement between the acceptance of your article and the final online publication. Copyright licenses describe the rights to publish, disseminate and use research. Wiley`s authors must sign a license agreement before publication. Read the author`s guidelines for your selected journal for details on the journal`s specific copyright agreement. Authors can sign a Creative Commons license after signing the original CTA if they then decide to publish the article under open access conditions. Authors can do this at any time during the production process before the article is published online. The corresponding article publication tax (APC) would be required. A limited number of company-owned magazines have chosen not to apply this licensing directive – for more information, check out our onlineOpen Without the Creative Commons licensing page. If the work is done by an author as an employee of a company, the copyright is held by the company. An authorized signatory to the company must therefore sign the agreement. If you are an Amgen employee, please download a copy of the company`s addendum in the link below and return your signed license agreement with the addition: Note: Co-authors can see a “REQUEST ONLINEOPEN” button in each dataset.

See “Ask my author to pay online.” If you are an author who is accepted into a Wiley journal and we have a recording of your email address from the manuscript, we will automatically send you an invitation email with a record or login connection. U.S. Government Employees – A contribution prepared by a U.S. federal employee as part of the employee`s official obligations or that is an official U.S. government publication is called “the work of the U.S. government” and is publicly available in the United States. If the contribution was not made as part of the worker`s duties or is not an official publication of the U.S. government, it is not a work of the U.S. government.

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