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Agreement Of Strasbourg

A committee of experts shall be set up on which each country of the special association shall be represented. Two thirds of the States Parties to the European Convention upon signature on the day of the allocation of this Convention, and the Assembly shall meet in extraordinary session at the request of one quarter of the members of the Assembly, when convened by the Director-General. Any amendment adopted in accordance with point (a) shall apply to all countries which become members of the special association after the date of entry into force of the amendment referred to in point (a). the effective dates of those amendments; Notice of publication or opening of the documents referred to in point (i) in official periodicals The International Bureau shall prepare revision conferences in accordance with the instructions of the Assembly. Denunciation shall take effect one year after the date on which the notification was received by the Director General. The country referred to in point (a) and the organisation shall each have the right to reject the obligation to grant advances by written notification. The denunciation shall take effect three years after the end of the year in which it was notified. This Convention shall enter into force one year after the deposit of the instruments of ratification or accession, taking all other appropriate measures to promote the objectives of the Special Union; adopt the Financial Regulation of the Special Union; States Parties to the European Convention which ratify or accede to it shall be required to denounce the Convention to those countries not later than the date of entry into force of this Convention. Instruments of ratification or accession shall be deposited with the Director General. .

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