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Sfa Senior Facility Agreement

to make up for any shortfalls in the purchase price where priority entities and equity participation (and any other financing) are combined, and the Board of Directors of Play Communications S.A. (the “Company”) indicates that P4 Sp. z o.o. (“Play”), a 100% subsidiary of the Company acting for itself and in its capacity as the debtors` representative; a second amendment and adaptation agreement (which concluded “Second amendment and reformulation”) for the agreement on priority facilities of 7 March 2017, as amended and adapted on 14 June 2017, which, inter alia, between Play and the company as the initial borrower and guarantor, the financial institutions it describes as mandated lead arranges, the financial institutions listed therein as financial institutions of origin Lender and Santander Bank Polska S.A. as facility agent and security guard (the SFA). The changes will provide the company with greater flexibility in repayment programs as well as improved interest and covenant terms. The Mezzanine facility is a form of financing classified according to senior facilities. It is sometimes used in leveraged financing transactions: these materials (the term includes, if context permitting, text, content, spreadsheets with macros and electronic interfaces and their underlying assumptions, conversions, formulas, algorithms, calculations and other mathematical and financial techniques) will be submitted to the members of the Loan Market Association in accordance with the statutes of the Loan Market Association (a copy of which is available here) to provide the documentation of transactions in credit markets. None of the Loan Market Association, Allen & Overy or Clifford Chance assumes responsibility for any use to which such materials may be provided, for any loss, damage or liability resulting from such use. None of the Loan Market Association, Allen & Overy or Clifford Chance have verified the laws of any jurisdiction that may apply to any of the parties to an agreement on the use of such materials and their subject matter.

Members should therefore consider all relevant legal, accounting and regulatory issues before using these materials or conducting a transaction in connection with these documents and, where appropriate, consult with their professional advisors. We published a revised draft agreement on the rate change system (retrospective without change of observation); new agreement on the rate change in the project (retrospective with observation lag); a revised commentary on tariff change agreements; the roadmap for tariff exchange agreements; and the RFR conditions to be used in addition to the revised replacement of the screen throughput language. The mezzanine installation is documented by a mezzanine-facility agreement (AMF). While there are generally some important differences between the conditions of the senior, we have published a note entitled “Documentary implications of the end of the Brexit transition period for LMA facility documentation” (“Brexit Note”) which consolidates and updates previous Brexit notes published in September 2016 and April 2019, as well as two EU legislative references on target tables. . . .

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