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Word For Diplomatic Agreement

Ambassador is capitalized when referring to a specific person (e.B Ambassador Smith). If your word has anagrams, these will also be listed with a definition of the word if we have one. Extraterritoriality Exercise of certain sovereign functions in the territory of another State by a nation on the basis of formally concluded agreements. A limitation of the competence of the latter State in certain specific areas and/or in certain specific respects. Boring and diplomatic words are synonymous, but differ in their nuances. In particular, Fad emphasizes the sweetness of the species and the absence of irritating properties. On this page you will find all the answers to the crosswords Note Diplomatic Agreement. The diplomatic panel wore the clothes of their respective courts. Tour DHorizon A diplomatic discussion that covers most (or at least a number of) topics of current and common interest. While synonyms are smooth and diplomatically close to meaning, smooth often suggests a deliberately assumed sweetness.

Diplomatic immunity Exemption of foreign diplomatic agents or representatives of local jurisdiction. See also Diplomatic immunity. Partition exchange A common way to save a chord. The content of the notes will of course be agreed in advance by the two nations participating in the exchange. Legation These are rare today, but they were once very common. A legation is a diplomatic mission that resembles an embassy for most practical purposes, but is of lower rank and headed by a minister and not an ambassador. For most of the last century, U.S. diplomatic representation abroad has been limited to legations, and for much of this century, the United States has been represented in more countries by legations than by embassies.

Convention Agreement between two or more States, often more, on matters of common interest […].

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