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Telecom and IT
BrainHeart is especially interested in businesses that are built on well packaged services based on unique, in-depth knowledge and experience in a technology and/or an application field, preferably in IT or telecom. This uniqueness might come from the combination of technologies and business models more than from technical innovations. The product/service must be proven, have revenues and strongly recommended by customers. The expertise and the spirit/energy of the management team are of great importance.

With its focus on people as the main success factor, BrainHeart is also interested in contacts with individuals who have a proven and strong record of building successful and profitable businesses.

In 2007 BrainHeart started looking into the opportunities of technologies bringing sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions to our society. BrainHeart has up to now had difficulties to finding companies with proven management skills and proven business models. From 2011 BrainHeart has started to look for more mature companies and established technologies which can be used cleantech solutions e.g. geoenergy as the source for renewable heating and cooling. In this area BrainHeart is interested in both service and product companies. After detailed studies and analyze, BrainHeart Energy was set up in 2013 in Sweden.

BrainHeart started Gripsholmsskolan in Mariefred in the autumn of 2009 as role model for other potential BrainHeart primary schools. The model’s uniqueness can be summarized as:

  • A modern curriculum and way of combining the best from Finland – the global leading nation in education, together with cooperative Swedish way of learning.
  • One-to-One computers (MacBooks) from the first day of school
  • Sports and health lessons for at least one hour per day
  • Heartware – learning attitude, spirit and energy

Gripsholmsskolan has become exceptionally popular. For more information, see

The non-profit investment into Gripsholmsskolan is a component in building part of a society (the town of Mariefred), which also includes the ambition to set up a Sports & Outdoor Center (Gripsholm Camp), a hotel/conference center (Gripsholmsviken) and a large residential/business area, Gripsholms Hagar. BrainHeart is currently interested in investing in new BrainHeart schools for preparing and training young people (18-30 years old) for the job market in selected occupations.




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