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In 2002 BrainHeart Capital established the 10-year BrainHeart Fund together with investors like the Swedish government (the fourth and sixth AP funds), Skandia, IBM and Credit Suisse. The BrainHeart Fund became the largest (USD 200 million) European venture capital fund dedicated to wireless investments. During its lifespan (2002 to 2011) the BrainHeart Fund was very active in the wireless industry. Investments included:

Mobeon, with voice-mail and other messaging products for large telecom operators world wide with Ericsson as partner and co-owner. Divested to Ericsson in 2007.

Meru Networks Inc, a WiFi control system product company, divested to Verdane and listed on Nasdaq

Wireless Maingate, a machine-to-machine mobile operator, divested to Verdane in 2008
Trux, a wireless-based control system for warehouse trucks, sold to EMS Technologies Inc in 2009.

Swefour, a license company for the fourth GSM license in Sweden, sold to Tele2 in 2009.

Spring Mobil, a complete telecom operator for replacing fixed telephony services for enterprise, sold to Tele2 in 2010.

The Spring Mobil business is continuing in the international telecom market through OnePhone Holding, which does joint ventures with large telecom operators in European countries. OnePhone Holding is a joint company together with JP Morgan.

For more information on the joint venture in Germany, visit
Outside the Fund, BrainHeart Capital is continuing its investments in IT/Telecom, Cleantech, Education and Real-estate.



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